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Due to the fact that all of our dogs are also our companions, we don't travel every week-end for shows, and we generally stay within a short driving distance from home.   We believe our dogs are good enough that we don't need to follow judges across the country, nor is our goal to amass a supply of ribbons.  Our responsibility as breeders and promoters of this breed is not just to show they can win in Conformation, but that they are a well-rounded dog who can be successful anywhere, so we divide our time between Conformation, Rally Obedience, traditional Obedience and Therapy.

We had a few goals for 2011, and we achieved every one of them!  We wanted to get Wyatt's Grand Championship in Canada, his American Championship, Posh's Pre Novice title, and Melodee's Canadian Championship.  What an honour that we were able to accomplish all of those goals, and as a bonus have Bliss come out of retirement with her new owner to get multiple group placings and to rank in the top 5 in Canada!

With only two Best in Show wins awarded to Italian Greyhounds in 2011, our Wyatt won one of them.  Congratulations to BIS/MBISS Am/Can Ch Cantex First You Make A Roux CGN for winning the other.  Our Tate won the National Specialty and Wyatt won the Regional Specialty.

Some records were set by our dogs in 2011.  Wyatt became the first dog of any breed to have both a Canadian and Australian Grand Championship.  Posh became the only IG Grand Champion in Canada to have a formal Obedience title.

Joining us from Portugal in 2011 was Last Dance Do Castelo De Alfaia, an exciting young bitch.  Look for her to debut in early 2012.

We wish all of our competitors a wonderful 2012, and may all of your dogs remain healthy and happy. I hope we all remember that we are only as good as our integrity and honesty.  Everyone that walks in the ring with pride and their head held high is a winner!  No-one can call you a sore loser when you don't consider yourself a loser!


GOALS for 2012

Finish Guilty's Can Ch - check
Finish Melodee's Am Ch - check
Finish StarFall's Am Ch - check
Finish Wyatt's Am GCh - check


New titles in 2012

AM CH/Can Ch Diavolino's Unchained Melody - Jan 2012 (owned by Butch MacDonald and Cec Ringstrom)

AM CH Diavolino's Colavito - Jan 2012 (owned and handled by Danny Lewitzke)

BISS/BPISS U-MBIS/U-MRBIS Can Ch Diavolino's Il Re Leone AM RN - March 2012 (owned and handled by Jennifer Graves)

MBIS/MRBIS GCh Diavolino's StarFire CGN RN PCD - May 2012 (owned and trained by Kim Robinson)

MBIS/MRBIS/BISS/BPISS AM GCH/Aust GCh/Can GCh Diavolino Woodsmoke Why Wait CGN - June 2012

BPIS AM CH/Can Ch Diavolino's StarFall - June 2012

BISS/BPISS U-MBIS/U-MRBIS AM CH/Can Ch Diavolino's Il Re Leone AM RN - June 2012 (owned and handled by Jennifer Graves)

CAN CH Dachsmith Always Bet On Black - August 2012 (co-owned and handled by Laura Grandmont)

CAN CH Diavolino's Guilty As Charged - September 2012

BISS/BPISS U-MBIS/U-MRBIS Am Ch/Can Ch Diavolino's Il Re Leone AM RN NAJ CGC - November 2012 (owned and handled by Jennifer Graves)


2012 saw IGs bred, owned or handled by Diavolino win:

In Canada

3 Group 1
5 Group 2
3 Group 3
6 Group 4
1 Best Brace in Group

In the United States

2 Best Brace in Group

5 Best of Breed
1 Select Bitch
7 Select Dog
8 Grand Championship majors
3 Rally Novice legs
1 2nd in Class Rally Novice

5 Group 1 (UKC)
1 Group 2 (UKC)


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