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Annual Win Summaries

It may come as no surprise that I enjoy showing dogs! I do it because I am proud of my dogs, because I enjoy the friendships formed with dog show friends, because I enjoy travelling to new areas.

With a new dog, my goal is to have fun and to obtain a Championship title. With an existing Champion, my goal is to have fun and proudly present my breeding programme to the judges, competitors and spectators.

I never start with a goal of obtaining a National Ranking, but it often ends up that way!  Too often, the only reason a dog ends up #1 is because it is shown every week-end, but my dogs are first and foremost my companions and get to be pets as well as show dogs.

As always, I wish all competitors well in the ring and in their lives, for this year and all years!

The following summaries of yearly accomplishments by Diavolino dogs may be understated, as I never saw a need to compile the results in one place until this year. Some day I might even compile the results from previous years, who knows?











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