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When you register your Italian Greyhound these are the choices you are given for colours:

Canada: Black; Bronze; Cream; Fawn, white markings; Grey, white markings; White, red markings; Seal; Chocolate, white markings; White, chocolate markings; Red; Red, white markings; White, black markings; Black, white markings; Blue, white markings; Chocolate; Fawn; Bronze, white markings; White, grey markings; White, bronze markings; Cream, white markings; Grey; Red fawn; White; Blue fawn; Blue.  Oddly enough, there is no White, blue markings.

USA: Black; Blue fawn; Blue; Fawn; Red; Red fawn; Sable; White and black; White and fawn; White and red; White and sable; Seal; White and blue; White and red fawn; White and seal; White and blue fawn.  You can additionally select Black mask; Blue mask; White markings; White markings, blue mask; White markings, black mask.

There is no point in my giving you examples of blue, blue with white markings, white with blue markings, etc.  I will give examples of the main colours only.  If you can't figure out what white markings means, then, well... you have a problem.  If you have an example of a colour that I don't, please feel free to send me a photo.  Please make sure you have the rights to the photo, as I will not use protected material without the owner's consent.


Black (not to be confused with seal, which has reddish undertones to it.  A true black is jet black):


Blue (dilute black, can be anywhere from silver to slate grey):

Blue EchoBlue LyricBlue Tiara


Blue fawn (a reddish beige or tan base coat with grey hairs and mask. Often the mask dissipates as the puppy matures and cannot be seen as an adult dog.  Eyes are often self-coloured. Pigment is dilute.):

Blue fawn DivaBlue fawn PromiseBlue fawn CreoleBlue fawn Buckley


Bronze (I think of bronze as the opposite of seal.  Where a seal is a blackish dog with red or fawn undertones or overtones, I see a bronze as a reddish or fawnish dog with black undertones or overtones):



Chocolate (a true chocolate will have self coloured pigment.  The nose and eye rims will be brown):

(if you have a photo of a chocolate dog you'd allow me to use, please contact me!)


Cream (off white to ivory coloured):

Two CreamsCream UFOCream PegasusCream Bliss

Our thanks to Dark Legend's Italian Greyhounds for the photos of the cream coloured dogs!


Fawn (both fawn and red have huge parameters - fawn is ranging from light buff coloured to light brown.  You may think the last dog here should be a blue fawn, but as he has black pigment, he cannot be a blue fawn):

Fawn StarFallFawn MadiFawn AuraBlue fawn Winston


Grey (pale to dark grey, including silver.):


Red (imagine reddish woods like mahogany or cherrywood.  Reds can include tawny, chestnut, orange, red-gold):

Red JoshRed MaryRed EssenceRed Mosaic


Red fawn (in the red family, but red fawns tend to be a bit less vibrant or rich in colour):

Red fawn BannerRed fawn DeeDeeRed fawn Scuba


Seal (a seal is a black dog who has undertones or overtones of a reddish hue.  These variations are frequently seen on the neck and shoulders and sometimes is only visible in bright sunlight):

Seal MystieSeal ConnorSeal ChynaSeal Ziggy


White (well... this should need no explanation):

White CoyneWhite Amigo


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