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Canada: Tan points such as those of the Manchester Terrier. Brindle.

USA: A dog with brindle markings. A dog with the tan markings normally found on black-and-tan dogs of other breeds.

Believe it or not, some judges cannot discern tan points or brindle markings.  It should be fairly obvious, but I am aware of dogs that have been excused or disqualified due to an incorrect understanding of brindle and tan points.   Some IGs have heavy sabling on their heads, which can make some people think they are tan pointed.  Look at these two examples.  The first is of an IG with heavy facial sabling.  The second is a Manchester Terrier with classic tan points.  Can you see the difference?  I was told by a judge that the IG pictured has tan points.

Not B and TB and T

Sometimes that same sabling can carry on down the neck and shoulders, which makes some judges think it is brindling.  You should not confuse sabling with brindling.  Brindle is described as a fine, even mixture of black hairs (stripes) on a lighter background.  The stripes are usually pretty clearly marked.  Sable is described as black tipped hairs on a lighter background.  Sable marked dogs usually have a mask.


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