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Entering A Dog Show

You cannot just go to a show and enter on the spot. Usually, you have to enter up to a month in advance. In Canada, we usually research our upcoming shows on the CanuckDogs website . In the US, I find it easiest to go directly to the American Kennel Club website and search under Upcoming Events. Once you find your region, you can look for specific shows. The shows are described in the Premium List, which will contain all the information, such as who is judging, what the entry fees are, when and where the show is, and so on. The Premium List is usually available online, but you also request a paper version.

In the Premium List will also be the entry form. You may not just write out an entry request, your entry must be on the official form and the official size. Make sure you select the day(s) you will be entering and the class you will be entering.


Your class selections will be as follows: 

  • Junior Puppy Class - Dogs 6 months of age and under 9 months of age on the day of the show. 
  •  Senior Puppy Class -  Dogs 9 months of age and under 12 months of  age on the day of the show. 
  • 12-18 Month Class (All-Breed Shows) -  Dogs 12 months of age and under 18 months of  age on the day of the show. 
  • 12-18 Month Class (Specialty Shows) -  Dogs 12 months of age and under 18 months of  age on the day of the show. The Club has the  option to split this class as follows: 
    • 12-15 Month Class (Specialty Shows only) -  Dogs 12 months of age and under 15 months  of age on the day of the show. 
    • 15-18 Month Class (Specialty Shows only) -  Dogs 15 months of age and under 18 months  of age on the day of the show. 
  • Canadian Bred Class -  Dogs born in Canada. Champions of any country  are excluded. 
  • Bred By Exhibitor Class -  Dogs owned and handled in the ring by the  breeder. The handler must be the owner/co-owner  and breeder/co-breeder of the dog. The owner/ breeder must handle the dog in this class, but  need not handle the dog for further awards. 
  • The Open Class -  All dogs. Dogs may be divided by colour if permission  of the CKC is obtained. 
  • Veterans Class (Specialty shows only) -  Dogs 7 years of age and over on the day of the  show. Dogs entered in this class may be spayed  or neutered. 
  • Specials Only -  Dogs which have a recorded CKC registration,  Event Registration Number (ERN)  or Miscellaneous Certification Number  (MCN) and have attained the required  points for Championship status. 


If you wish to enter your dog in more than one class, you must use a new entry form for the additional class.  Also, the entry fee is per day AND per class.  So, if the entry is $25 and you want to enter 3 days of Junior Puppy, with an additional entry into Bred By Exhibitor one day, you will have to pay $100.  Payment must accompany the entry form, and the payment must be valid at the time of entry.  For example, if entries close on the 14th but you don't get paid until the 15th, you cannot post date the cheque.  It must be payable by the closing date.

The entry must be received by the Show Secretary on or before the closing date.  It doesn't matter when you mailed it, if they don't have it by the closing date, you don't show. 

About 7-10 days before the show, you will receive a judging schedule in the mail.  If you want it sooner, you can usually get it online from the site where you got the Premium List.  It will give the times when you will be in the ring.  Keep in mind, they do not give specific times for each breed, they give a few start times and the rest just follows.  It is your responsibility to make sure you are there on time.  The standard rate of judging at an All-Breed show is 25 dogs per hour.  However, a judge may be fast or slow, or there may be absentees.  You and only you are responsible for getting yourself to ringside on time.  They will not call you over the PA, they will not hold judging for you.  If your class has already been judged and you missed it, they will not re-judge it.  Furthermore, if you miss your ring call for any reason, you will not get any money back.


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