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Group Placers

Only one dog of each breed is awarded Best of Breed, and those Toy dogs awarded such are then brought back to compete in the Group.  The judge awards 1st in Group to 4th in Group.  IGs have a difficult time placing in the group, as they have to compete against the fuzzy and long haired dogs that are groomed and presented to perfection.

However, some judges do understand the IG enough to see the dog that is there and to place it amongst those coated dogs.

Following is the list of dogs either bred or owned by Diavolino Italian Greyhounds that have placed in the group.

Please click on the dog's name to go to his or her own page.  All titles are Canadian unless otherwise indicated.


BISS Am/Can Ch Dachsmith All Bets Are Off (Bookie)

 RBIS/MBPIS Ch Diavolino-Buchio Why Not (Naughty)  

Diavolino's Bambino (Bambi)

Ch Diavolino's Charmed (Piper)

Ch Diavolino's Christmas Miracle (Winston)

MBIS/MBPIS GCh/Am Ch Diavolino's Come Closer PCD, Am/Can RN, CGN, TT (Posh)

Ch Diavolino's Da Mi Basia Mille (Mille)

Ch Diavolino's Diva PCD RN (Diva)

Ch Diavolino's Drama Queen (Drama)

 RBIS/BPIS Am/Can Ch Diavolino's Euphoric (Bliss)

 Ch Diavolino Everafter Can't Wait   (Hurry)

Ch Diavolino's Guilty As Charged (Guilty)

Am/Can Ch Diavolino's Iginla (Jarome)

UKC/Int Ch Diavolino's Impression d'Ankhu (Imp)

Ch Diavolino's Impulsive (Impulse)

 Ch Diavolino's Intrepid Kira (Kira)

Ch Diavolino's Keep Talking (Gossip)

Ch Diavolino's Kishniga Style (Cecelia)

Diavolino's Imagination (Whimsy)

Ch Diavolino's Lasting Impression (Promise)

RBIS/BISS Aust/Am/Can Ch Diavolino's Luminescence (Aura)

Ch Diavolino's Moonshadow (Howie)

MBIS GCh/Am Ch Diavolino's Mosaic CGN TT (Mosaic)

Am/Can Ch Diavolino's Motive (Molly)

BISS/RBIS/MBPIS Am Ch/Can GCh Diavolino's Own The Moment (Ownly)

Ch Diavolino's Reelistic Caper SHDM AG.M.X.J CGN FDGCH NATCH TN-E T &G.E WV-E MADC MJDC MSCDC   (Caper)

Ch Diavolino's Shades Of Danny (Kerri)

MBIS/MRBIS GCh Diavolino's StarFire RN CGN PCD (Essence)

Ch Diavolino's The Embraced (Scuba)

Ch Diavolino's The Ninth Wonder (Chyna)

Ch Diavolino's The Sorcerer (Connor)

Ch Diavolino's Touch This At Zia AGN VADC SGDC (Silk)

BPISS Am/Can Ch Diavolino's Unchained Melody (Melody)

MBIS/MRBIS/BPISS Aust GCh/Can GCh/Am GCh Diavolino Woodsmoke Why Wait CGN (Wyatt)

BISS Am/Can Ch Everafter's Merry Mary (Mary)

Ch Madi by Armani (Madi)

Ch Pikop's Cerulean Mystique (Echo)

Am/Can Ch Sunjata's Sunnyside Up (Sunny)

Ch Woodsmoke Diavolino Signature (Dari)


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