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I am NOT a professional handler and do not represent myself as such.  It would be irresponsible for me to do so.  Before a person represents themself to the public as a Professional Handler, they should have years of proving themselves.  Most professional handlers have been the assistant to a professional handler for many years, learning the craft from the ground up.  Alternatively, they may have been an owner/handler who has achieved outstanding wins of their own, group placings and Best in Shows, over the span of many years.

Anyone can take a dog in the ring and call themselves a professional handler, however that is a misrepresentation.  Upon occasion, I have been asked to handle dogs for other people.   I am just a person who enjoys showing and is fairly good at it.   However, I have been fairly successful with other breeds I have shown.  That can be partially attributed to the fact that, unless I believe in the dog, I will not show it. 

Thanks to the owners of the following dogs for asking me to show their dogs, and for giving me photos of the dogs and/or the wins!


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