Diavolino Italian Greyhounds

                                                                                      ...world reknowned show dogs and world class companions



I have an obsession with collecting all things sighthound... it is my goal to have a collection known worldwide.  I am always seeking items, in stores, in garage sales, on eBay , in any place I  can think of where I might find something  with a sighthound on it.  Not everything is posted here yet, as it takes a lot of time to photograph everything, time I'd rather spend playing with my dogs.  But eventually it'll all be here!

Upon my death, some of the more important pieces will be donated to the AKC Museum of the Dog, and the rest (the majority) will be auctioned off to support IG Health Research and IG Rescue.

If you have an item you think I might be interested in, or if you've seen an item I might be interested in, please feel free to contact me!



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