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Nationally Ranked Dogs

There is only one 'official' ranking, and that is the Canadian Kennel Club ranking. The CKC issues certificates in April of the year following competition, and does not publish them until July. Until certificates are issued, no-one truly knows the official standings so it's always exciting! Sometimes you have an idea where your dog ranks, but then there can be things you aren't aware of, like absentees, revoked wins, etc. That is why you will sometimes see the words "pending CKC confirmation" following a dog's stated ranking, because until those certificates are issued, it is not official.

There is two other systems in Canada that track rankings based on group placings and Specialty wins alone. Those are the CanuckDogs  rankings and BestDogInCanada rankings. Both use the same method, which does not consider absentees or breed wins.

One must always keep proper perspective when showing dogs.  Finishing the year with a Nationally ranked dog is a thrill, but it should never be more important than having fun with your dog.  Not all dogs enjoy being shown... and yet some love it.  For some, the week-end away with Mom is a time of bonding, a time of special attention.  Others do it because we ask it of them but would really much rather stay home.

I always let the dog indicate to me how short or long it's show career should be.  It's not about winning or losing, but about both me and my dog having a good time.  If the dog is not enjoying itself, I'm not enjoying myself, so why prolong the misery?  As soon as it quits being fun for the dog, they get to stay home.

The following dogs have been recognized at the National levels.  Please click on the dog's name to go to his or her own page.


BISS Ch Dachsmith All Bets Are Off (Bookie)

#5 in Canada for 2010


RBIS/MBPIS Ch Diavolino-Buchio Why Not (Naughty)

#4 in Canada for 2009


MBIS/MBPIS GCh/Am Ch Diavolino's Come Closer Am/Can PCD, RN, CGN, TT (Posh)

#1 in Canada for 2008  * #2 in Canada for 2007


Ch Diavolino's Drama Queen (Drama)

#5 in Canada for 2005


RBIS/BPIS Am/Can Ch Diavolino's Euphoric (Bliss)

#4 in Canada for 2011


Ch Diavolino's Impulsive (Impulse)

#3 in Canada for 1999


Ch Diavolino's Lasting Impression (Promise)

#1 in Canada for 1993 * #2 in Canada for 1992 * #5 in Canada for 1991


RBIS/BISS Aust/Am/Can Ch Diavolino's Luminescence (Aura)

#5 in Canada for 2008


MBIS GCh/Am Ch Diavolino's Mosaic CGN TT (Mosaic)

#1 in Canada for 2003, 2004 & 2005


Ch Diavolino's Moonshadow   (Howie)

#2 in Canada for 1995


BISS/RBIS/MBPIS Am Ch/Can GCh Diavolinoi's Own The Moment (Ownly)

#2 in Canada for 2014 * #1 in Canada for 2015


MBIS/MRBIS GCh Diavolino's StarFire RN CGN PCD (Essence)

#1 in Canada for 2009, 2010


Ch Diavolino's The Sorcerer   (Connor)

#5 in Canada for 1997


MBIS/MRBIS/BISS/BPISS Aust GCh/Can GCh/Am GCh Diavolino Woodsmoke Why Wait CGN (Wyatt)

#3 in Canada for 2011


BISS Am/Can Ch Everafter's Merry Mary (Mary)

#2 in Canada for 2006


Ch Madi by Armani (Madi)

#2 in Canada for 2001 * #5 in Canada for 2000


Am/Can Ch Sunjata's Sunnyside Up (Sunny)

#2 in Canada for 1988 * #4 in Canada for 1987



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