Diavolino Italian Greyhounds

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Origin And Purpose

Canada: The Italian Greyhound is an ancient breed whose ancestors are believed to have originated in Egypt. Through selection in Italy, a more refined type was developed and its immense popularity in that country led to the breed acquiring the name “Italian Greyhound.”

Research indicates that the breed was originally used for the pursuit of   small game, but as depicted in European art in the Renaissance period, its role seems to have been as much that of a small companion to the nobility. The breed was miniaturized in the 1800s and since that time has been too small for hunting purposes. Although it has retained some of the sporting characteristics, today it is kept as a toy companion.

While it's main purpose in modern times is as companion, one cannot overlook the running hound instincts and structure of the Italian Greyhound.   If you cannot imagine the legs of the IG in front of you running full bore after prey, if you cannot visualize the jaws clamping onto something hard enough to kill it, you are not looking at a good Italian Greyhound.  My Italian Greyhounds do regularly bring me little gifts of freshly killed birds and rodents.  This is one bird that was delivered onto my lap... as you can see, it is easily twice the size of my hand.


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