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Our Dogs

In the two and a half decades that I have been active in showing and breeding dogs, I have had the pleasure and honour to pilot some outstanding dogs of many breeds to their Championships.

Some of these dogs carried on to make history, some become valuable contributors to my breeding programme, some graduated to retirement with a loving family. Some are still showing. All of them taught me a lot, and all of them will remain an important part of the history of Diavolino Italian Greyhounds.

Every single one of these dogs, whether they still grace this earth or not, is loved deeply for themselves, not just their wins.

Use the links to see dogs we either owned or bred, and some may appear in more than one category.   Please use the drop-down menu or go to the category header page for links.

Please note that most of these dogs either do not live with us or have since passed away. As all of our dogs are housedogs, we keep just enough to have a successful breeding and showing programme without having so many they don't get individual attention.

Some sites feature dogs in their show poses only. We have given you a variety of photos of each dog so you can see not only what they look like but what they are like.  You'll see show photos as well as funny or sweet photos.  I believe our love of our dogs will be evident in many of the photos!

As you look through the decades of me and my dogs, I hope you enjoy the variety of haircuts and eyeglasses.   I know I laughed at more than a few of them!


Italian Greyhounds

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In order to reduce space, I have cropped photos to show only the most important parts - the dog, judge and handler. As such, many photographers plaques may have been cut off. Please note, that does not eliminate their copyright, and it is expected that viewers will honour their legal rights to these photos. I would like to thank the following photographers for the outstanding show photos you will see on the following pages:

  • Cathy French Photography  
  • Freeze Frame Photography  
  • Steven Ross Photography  
  • Hellard Photo  
  • Mikron Photo  
  • Linda Lindt Studio  
  • Wells Photographic Design  
  • Barbara Gauthier  
  • Images by Inge  
  • Walt Norris Photography  


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