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Your First Decision - Pet Store or Breeder?




You walk by the store and you see this cute little puppy begging you to take him home.  How can you possibly resist that sweet face? Or maybe the puppy looks so forlorn that you feel you need to rescue it.  It is important to remember, that by buying a puppy at any price from a pet store, you are not rescuing it.  You are, instead, condemning it's parents to a lifetime of producing puppy after puppy that they will never see grow up.

Either way, pet stores rely on your emotions getting the better of your rational thinking.

The longer the puppy stays in the store, the more it eats into the stores profits. Literally. The staff are trained to get the puppy into your arms as soon as possible and for as long as possible. They know that the longer you hold that puppy, the less likely you are to leave without it. Next thing you know, you're looking into your spouse or partner's eyes, and out comes the credit card. You've found yourself the owner of an Italian Greyhound puppy.

Your goal when you came into the store was to buy tropical fish food. The store's goal was to sell a puppy. Any puppy. To anybody. Regardless of whether or not it is the right puppy for the buyer. Regardless of whether the buyer knows anything about the breed. Regardless of whether or not the buyer is financially, emotionally and physically prepared for a puppy. They don't care... they got their money, and that's what it's all about.

The pet store achieved their goal. Did you achieve yours?


Now reality sets in. You bring this puppy home and realize that no-one told you what to expect from an Italian Greyhound puppy. No-one told you how hard they are to house train. No-one told you they are very demanding of your attention. No-one told you they need their teeth brushed and that they are more prone than many other breeds to breaking legs. No-one told you ANY of the more difficult aspects of owning an Italian Greyhound.

Why would they? If they were honest at the Pet Store, you might not have bought the puppy!

"Oh well" you think, "I'll go research them on the internet". So what happens if you find out you can't possibly live with this breed? Will the store take it back? Of course not!

Many puppies sold through pet stores end up neglected, abandoned, or surrendered to rescues. Why? Because the pet store staff does not take the time to ensure a proper suitability between the puppies they sell and the people that buy them. The pet store staff does not educate on the possible health issues the IG may experience (and unfortunately, some of those are very expensive to treat!). People buy a cute puppy with absolutely no forewarning of what is to come. Perhaps they even bought on impulse, and later discover they don't have the time for the puppy.

Maybe your puppy is the lucky one... maybe you did your research on the breed and knew what you were getting into. You take some comfort knowing that you understand what to expect and are prepared. You even knew enough that you asked if their puppies came from puppymills.

With relief, you hear them say they THEIR puppies come from local breeders.


This may be true, they may be local, but they are NEVER reputable if they sell through a pet store. In all cases, the puppies come from puppymills or Backyard Breeders (BYBs). But surely this can't always the case, you may ask. Yes, it is. Always.

The Canadian Kennel Club requires of it's members that they agree to a Code of Ethics. That Code strictly forbids selling puppies through brokers or pet stores. Even though the American Kennel Club does not have such a mandate, all breed clubs require that their members sign a similar Code of Ethics.

Breeders who care about their puppies want to interview the buyers, to ensure a good 'fit' between buyer and puppy. They want to follow up and make sure the puppy is fitting in and doing well. The store just wants to sell puppies to make a profit, so little to no interviewing is done and the breeder has no input into the placement of the puppies. Therefore, even if the store gets the puppies from a local breeder, they will not be a reputable breeder.

I have seen many IG puppies in pet stores in Canada from breeders in the US as well as from Canadian Backyard Breeders.

Remember, a breeder is there for the life of the dog, to answer questions, to share their knowledge. Pet stores only want to sell a puppy, they don't want to be bothered with you if you have any problems with it.

You're going to have your puppy for approximately 15 years. You might as well get it from someone who will be there to support you, answer questions and who actually cares. Ironically, you usually get the puppy cheaper from a responsible breeder than a pet store. Go figure.



Please do not buy anything from a store that sells puppies or kittens. Not a leash, not pet food, not a toy or a treat.

The dollar speaks... spend your dollars where puppies and kittens aren't sold.


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