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 Successful Rescues

Some breeders will claim to be 'rescuing' Italian Greyhounds...

What does that mean?  Well, it's easier to say what it does not mean!  It is not rescuing a dog if:

  • The dog was originally bred by the person 'rescuing' it
  • The dog remains with it's current owners while the breeder helps re-home it
  • The person rescuing it is, in fact, 'flipping' the dog (taking one in and adopting it out to make a profit)

The following dogs are dogs that we played a part in saving them from bad situations.  We did not rescue all of them ourselves, some we were merely an instrument in helping them find their forever homes.  In both circumstances, we feel that we played a large part in their futures!



One day I received an email from a person with full sized greyhounds.  She told me there was an Italian Greyhound in a kill shelter in British Columbia, and that he had 24 hours left before he was to be euthanized.  I called the shelter immediately, to discover that he had many people look to adopt him, but they were turned off by his shivering at the back of the kennel.  I knew that in a kennel environment, he would be frightened and no-one would be able to see what he truly was.

The shelter agreed to release him to me, at no charge, as the staff had fallen in love with him.  I booked him a flight to me in Alberta, and when he arrived, I was amazed at what a wonderful companion he was!  Well trained, quiet, housebroken... how could a dog this wonderful end up in a kill shelter?

I did some research and discovered that he had been purchased from Dierking Kennels and imported to Canada to become the stud dog for a puppy producing operation.  He was subsequently sold as an adult to a woman who later discovered she had MS.  She had him neutered, trained him, and adored him.  When her MS became too much to handle, she regretfully returned him to the person she bought him from.  That person, within 24 hours of getting him back, surrendered him to the kill shelter. 

When I discovered his heritage, I contacted his breeder and offered to return him to her.  My offer was not accepted.

So Shadow became a part of my family for a few weeks.  A wonderful couple who had bought a puppy from me before fell in love with him, and he went to live with them.  Shadow very recently died a happy, much loved old man.

Rescue Shadow 



This little girl was brought to my attention on an Italian Greyhound forum.  She had already been surrendered to Rescue, having been a puppymill girl prior to that.  For some reason, Alessandra wasn't finding her forever home, so I featured her here on my website.

I am thrilled to say that this website helped Alessandra find her forever home!  She was seen here, and her new family felt love at first sight.  It has been such an honour being an integral part of her getting a forever home!  And I know her new family will treasure her!  Alessandra is now known as Alice, and she is learning how to be a pet.  Some things are a challenge for her, having lived her life to date in a puppymill, but her family is devoted to her and they are making great strides.