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The Day Of The Dog Show

The night before you leave for the dog show, make sure you have your vehicle as loaded as possible.  It will save time when you are on your way! 

Make sure you pack the following:

  • Crate for your dog 
  • grooming supplies 
  • show leash and walking leash 
  • bait (treats to make your dog perform better) 
  • lunch or snacks (not all shows have easy access to food) 
  • bottled water 
  • an exercise pen if you expect to be there awhile 
  • show outfit for yourself 
  • waterless shampoo in case your dog gets car sick or pees on his legs! 
  • extra blankets in case you need to change your dog's bedding 
  • poop scoop or potty baggies 
  • Judging Schedule 
  • map to the site if you are unfamiliar with where it is 
  • Exhibitor's entry pass 
  • cash (you may need to pay for parking) 

Remember, you should be on the grounds at least one hour before your posted ring time.  Leave lots of time to find a parking space.  Sometimes you end up way out in the middle of nowhere, and you don't want to be rushing to ringside.  No dog will show well in those circumstances.

Go to the Show Secretary (in Canada) or the Ring Steward (in the US) and get your armband.  Get two elastics when you get your armband - that way if one breaks ringside or in the ring, you have a spare right there.  A hint - one sure sign of a novice is when the exhibitor wears the armband on the breast pocket.  It's called an armband because it is worn ALWAYS on your upper left arm.   This is because the dog will be on your left side and your armband should always be visible to the judge.

About the armband... the concept of judging is supposed to be about the dog.  The handler is not supposed to matter.  In that light, you are not supposed to use anyone's name in the ring, ESPECIALLY the judge's name or the Ring Steward's name! 

Find a safe place to set up and watch your ring.  Like I said before, if you miss your ring time, there is nothing they will do.  I strongly suggest you sit ringside and watch a few breeds before your own.  The judge will always repeat the same judging pattern for each breed judged, so if you know ahead of time what he/she expects, that is more time you can devote to making your dog look good.

When you are ringside, you must follow the instructions of the Ring Steward (the judge's assistant).  You may not enter the ring until the steward directs you to.  Once in the ring, you must follow the judge's directions.  You may not engage in unnecessary conversation with the judge.  You may ask him/her to repeat instructions of you didn't hear them, for example, but you may not offer conversation otherwise.  Prior to judging, you may not tell the judge your dog's registered name, his call name or the owner or breeder's name.

The judge's decision is final.  You may not dispute it nor question it.  You must accept your ribbon and leave the ring politely, no matter how angry you might be.  It is considered proper etiquette to congratulate the winner, even if you think their dog is a crossbreed!  Never, EVER take it out on a competitor if the judge prefers their dog to yours,  it is the judge's decision, so don't take it out on the other person.  Even if they didn't deserve to win, in your opinion, there will come a time when you win when you shouldn't too. 

Remember that verbally or physically harassing a judge, steward, official of the show or competitor is grounds to get you suspended from showing.  If you disagree with the judge's opinion, you simply don't enter under that judge anymore.

Do not leave the grounds until you have gone and verified your wins in the official pages, which will usually be posted at the Show Secretary's table.  It is 100% your responsibility to make sure the wins are recorded correctly.  Once the day is over, it is highly unlikely they will correct any mistakes, because after judging hundreds of dogs, a judge simply may not remember exactly which dog he awarded what to.  The reality is, unless your dog is spectacularly beautiful or spectacularly horrible, it will not leave a lasting impression on the judge.  So make sure before you leave that the records are correct.  Judges are human, they do make mistakes.

Once you have completed any judging you are eligible for, and you've verified the sheets, you may go home.



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