Diavolino Italian Greyhounds

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After I discovered the Italian Greyhound, I couldn't find one.  I thought a small Whippet would be just the same.  I was mistaken.  Don't get me wrong, I love my Whippets, and I will most likely always have one, but they are very different than Italian Greyhounds.

As much as I like Whippets, I will never breed them.

My first Whippet was "Dasher TT". He taught me a lot about dogs, sighthounds, and the world of purebred dogs and dog shows,  He was everything a successful show Whippet should not be, but I learned how to show dogs because of him.  He never earned a point in the ring, and he never qualified in Obedience.  He died of old age in my arms.

My second Whippet was "Ch Endeavor's Envy of Brushwood".  She is a littermate to the all-time top winning Whippet, Am/Can Ch Brushwood's Moxi of Endeavor.  I finished my girl as a Junior Puppy with a Group 1st win!  However, she was very prey driven and would seek to kill anything smaller than her that moved.  After I had to bring my 11 year old IG to the vet to get her neck and throat sewn and stapled back together, I made the decision to return her to her breeder.  It was not a difficult decision as all of my dogs live together and that's the way it will stay.

After her, I was sworn off of Whippets, until my good friend Jason Maleck sent me one.  She was originally coming just for me to look at, but she never left.  She is "Ch Everafter's Baby Grand".  She also finished her Championship with many Group placings.  However, she is now spayed and is an IG puppy babysitter. 


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